Get ready for more adversaries and fun as Star Renegades gets a free content update today

Today, Massive Damage announced that it has released a new free content update for the PC version of Star Renegades, which will feature tons of new adversaries, a new planet, and other content. Get ready for The Imperium Strikes Back, as the new update is available now!

The developers at Massive Damage Inc. have been busy this season working to deliver a new treat for owners of the PC version of the critically acclaimed tactical roguelike Star Renegades: the new “The Imperium Strikes Back” content update, available to download for free today!

The multiverse just got even more hazardous with new additions like:

  • New Planet – Prycon: An alternate second planet to Norosh, Prycon is far more dangerous and not for the weak-hearted, but its enemies provide increased DNA rewards.
  • New Adversary – Tempest: A fearsome enemy that can control the harsh climate of Prycon to his squad’s advantage.
  • New Adversary – Shivver: A cold-hearted assassin that can shut down even the best of the Renegades.
  • New Adversary – Ogre: An unstoppable force of nature and one of the toughest Adversaries that the Imperium has ever created.
  • New Behemoth – Abomination: A wild Behemoth, indigenous to Prycon with a voracious appetite and infested with Mites.
  • New Behemoth – Siren: This Prycon Behemoth might appear deceptively docile, but she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.
  • New Drones – Frostbot: A new addition to the Drones – beware of them in large numbers!

Support for Korean, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, and Chinese (Traditional) languages will be added tomorrow, December 18. Console players will have access to “The Imperium Strikes Back” update in early 2021.

Star Renegades launched on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC on September 8, followed by Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in November of this year. The PlayStation 4 version is expected to arrive in early 2021.

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