Gamers, roll up! Katamari Damacy Reroll is available now on Switch and PC

Prepare to drop your balls and get ready to let the good times roll as Bandai Namco has released Katamari Damacy Reroll for Nintendo Switch and PC today. The game is available digitally, with a physical version exclusive to Gamestop, and features all-new graphics and cutscenes mixed with the simplistically accessible gameplay we all now and love.

After a lively night in the cosmos, the King of All Cosmos has realized he has knocked out all the stars in the sky, and tasks his son, The Prince, to go to Earth and recreate the stars with his adhesive Katamari ball. As The Prince rolls his ball, he picks up items ranging in sizes, from a small paperclip to an entire continent, letting nothing stop him. Players will go through levels as The Prince and gather progressively larger items to beat each level’s ‘par’ size before the timer runs out. Katamari Damacy REROLL features remastered graphics and cut scenes as well as new motion controls optimized for the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to easily maneuver The Prince with just a turn of their wrists using the Joy-Con® controllers.

“Katamari Damacy REROLL’s quirky visuals, charming characters, and bright J-pop soundtrack is a delight for all ages, reminding everyone that you should always keep on rolling,” said Abelina Villegas, Associate Brand Manager at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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