Galactic Civilizations III v3.7 anniversary update and sale now available with 85% off base edition

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Galactic Civilizations III, Stardock released the v3.7 anniversary update for the game and is also holding a sale for several editions of the game. The update improves ship AI, multiplayer performance, memory use, pathfinding performance, pacing, and several minor bugs.

“After four years, we’ve come to know what fans want and don’t want in a space 4X very well,” said Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock. “To thank them for their help and support, we decided to tackle a lot of improvements that aren’t particularly glorious but improve the overall experience of the game.”

The v3.7 anniversary update for Galactic Civilizations III is now live. The base game is 85% off its normal $29.99 price to be $4.50 while the Gold bundle is available for 73% off $132.86 to be $35.70. To purchase the base game or the bundles, or for more information on the sale, visit the official store page.

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