From the other side of the mirror, Dark Meta Knight revealed as Dream Friend for Kirby Star Allies

More like a “Dream Fiend,” the evil-doer from the other side of the mirror, Dark Meta Knight, will be coming to Kirby Star Allies later this summer.

Dark Meta Knight was one of the main antagonists from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and is largely responsible for splitting Kirby into four during the course of the game. While not much is known about how Dark Meta Knight will play, he will most likely take after Marx and Daroach and have most of his abilities based on his boss fight in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

Dark Meta Knight is the second Dream Friend revealed for the second wave which is scheduled to be released sometime this Summer. Since Daroach was revealed last week, it’s possible we will see the third and final Dream Friend for Wave 2 be revealed at some point next week. To read our thoughts on the first batch of Dream Friends, check out our post-game Kirby Star Allies feature.

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