Free virtual conventions? Thank you very Munchkin! FnordCon begins this weekend

Steve Jackson Games recently unveiled its third annual FnordCon to begin this weekend on April 10 and 11, with the event taking place virtually. From panels featuring Steve Jackson and Lar deSouza to Discord game demos, there’s a lot going on this weekend for tabletop gamers everywhere.

We have so many things to pack into our two days of FnordCon on April 10-11!

Highlights include:

Saturday: Seminars with Steve Jackson, Guests of Honor David L. Pulver and Lar deSouza, and SJ Games staff members and guests! Find out what’s new and upcoming for Munchkin, Car Wars, GURPS, TFT, and more!

Sunday: Games, including Hack & Slash, Deadly Doodles, Ogre, UltraCorps, and Tribes. Sign-up information will be available as we get closer.

And let’s not forget the dealers who are joining us for the weekend:

  • Wintertree Software
  • Gaming Ballistic
  • Tollenkar
  • Lar deSouza
  • Warehouse 23

Talk about pets, obscure 80s music, and perhaps even games with attendees and staff in the virtual con suite on Discord.

The SJ Games Discord server will be open to the public at 6 pm on Friday, Apr. 9. No activities are planned, but attendees may register, and chat in the con suite. Attendees are welcome to chat and review the panel logs until the server is turned off on Monday, Apr.12.

Best of all, the experience is FREE!  Watch our social media for a link to our FnordCon Discord server when it goes active on Friday evening, April 9 (you can also click “Going” on our Facebook page for the event to be notified when the server goes live). We hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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