FP Fest funding now for more indie DDR action

Independent filmmaker Jason Trost has an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt, and fans can now contribute to a new celebration and the completion of his latest project with FP Fest. Jason’s work has covered personal horror in How to Save Us, the struggles of heroism in the criminally underrated All Superheroes Must Die, and reality star egos in the buddy comedy Wet And Reckless. His largest claim to fame is the FP franchise, a twisted gangland classic about lethal rhythm games and the madcap 80s inspired nonsense that ensues from those battles. The FP introduced us to the world of Frazier Park in all its glory, death, and ducks. FP2: Beats of Rage took us beyond the apocalypse to a journey of spirit and fire, and FP3: Escape from Bako will continue this journey and lay the groundwork for the promised FP4.

For old fans and everyone new to the action, FP Fest is coming just around the corner, with a crowd-funding campaign that you can support here right now! FP Fest will featur-

  • Live Virtual Panels with Cast & Crew discussing the making of FP3: ESCAPE FROM BAKO.
  • Live Virtual AMA with JTRO and friends.
  • Live personal virtual hangouts where JTRO and Friends hangout with YOU.
  • Watch Parties including drinking games and shiz talk for FP2: BEATS OF RAGE (DUBBED IN HINDI)
  • Live virtual jam sessions of your new favorite songs from FP3.
  • FP Themed competitions with exclusive merchandise and prizes!
  • Surprise announcements and exclusive footage from the FP Saga.
  • EXCLUSIVE FP Fest merchandise.
  • The Intergalactic Premiere of FP3: ESCAPE FROM BAKO Saturday, October 9th with Cast and Crew Q&A session.

I will also be launching an interview with Jason part way through the campaign, so keep your eyes here for more coverage, and prep your flyest gear for the battles to come.





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