Four-legged Virgin Interactive-inspired title, Tanglewood, to be released on August 14th for SEGA Mega Drive, Steam

Today, UK indie studio Big Evil Corp announced that their new game, the 16-bit inspired Tanglewood, will be released tomorrow on PC and the SEGA Mega Drive. The SEGA Mega Drive version of the game, or Genesis in the United States, will be available physically as a multi-region cartridge.

Tanglewood is a Virgin Interactive inspired 16-bit game with metroidvania-styled exploration mixed in. Players control Nymn, a fox-like creature trying to make their way back to their family pack after being separated. Dangerous creatures lurk around the wild, but fortunately there will be certain other creatures that will provide power-ups to Nymn to increase the odds of survival.

What separates Tanglewood from today’s ranks of retro-aesthetics adventures, developed using modern tools under the throwback hood, is that the game is releasing for the SEGA Mega Drive. (Or Genesis, if we must, America.) Yes indeed, Tanglewood is coming to the legendary 16-bit system, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, on an actual physical cartridge, playable on PAL, NTSC or NTSC-J consoles.

These multi-region cartridges are initially reserved for the game’s Kickstarter backers, who helped to bring Tanglewood to life by pledging over £54,000. This has enabled Big Evil Corp – headed by designer and programmer Matt Phillips (formerly of Traveller’s Tales and Crytek) – to produce Tanglewood using authentic SEGA development tools from the 1990s (see below), and release it on a cartridge, boxed in packaging that fits perfectly into any Mega Drive library.

Tanglewood will be available tomorrow, August 14th, 2018, for both PC digitally and SEGA Mega Drive as a physical cartridge. For more information, visit the official website.

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