FlexiSpot offers big savings on all their gear for a limited time

I just reviewed the FlexiSpot E7 Pro (which you can read right here), but now’s the best time to pick up a FlexiSpot desk in general as they are running a big sale to kick off Q4.  We have reviewed a number of their products, but the most recent ones were the Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk, the C7 Premium Office Chair, and then the E7 Pro Premium Standing Desk that we reviewed today.  I’ll link to those reviews here below, but let’s get a quick synopsis from each review:

E7 Pro Premium Standing Desk (review) :

The FlexiSpot E7 Pro was something I didn’t know I needed. While the E7 was great, the Pro adds enough fresh additions and updates that it might as well have a brand new designation. Hopefully FlexiSpot starts selling some of the new accessories for retrofitting their older versions. While the previous models were impressive, this is the new bar. And now I’m gonna make that bar go up and down a few more times!


C7 Premium Office Chair (review):

Like last time, it’s hard to say whether a chair will be good or bad without spending more time with it, but after a month with the C7, I can say that nearly all of the improvements here are fantastic. Sure, it doesn’t have that “gaming aesthetic” but at the end of the day I’m more interested in sciatic pain relief than “looking cool on camera” – a consequence of getting older, I suppose.


Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk (review):

With conveniences like wireless charging, smooth and quiet motion, and a clean aesthetic, the Flexispot Comhar Pro is a gorgeous sit/stand desk that is sure to brighten any work space. The 15 year warranty, and a track record of excellent customer service from Flexispot will make sure it stays that way.


I’m consistently surprised at how FlexiSpot raises the bar on their products, over and over, and this trio has really raised the bar.  We like their products so much that, after literally years of working with them, they’ve decided to give us a bit of support as well.  Clicking on the name of each item yields us a small commission, but trust us when we say — these will make a huge difference.  Your back will thank you for it.

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