Flavor is coming for you — Sneak Energy hints at a new flavor

It seems like just the other day we got Electric Mango, and suddenly the wizards over at Sneak Energy have more to give us. In one of the weirder marketing videos you’ll see, Sneak provides a glimpse of what’s coming, with orange seemingly at the center of it. What exactly might we get? Maybe something breakfast cereal oriented, given the amazing looking “Cereal Killer” shaker. In any case, we should know what is coming on August 31st according to the video. Take a look at said video below, and check out our links to get some Sneak Energy for yourself!


From the video’s description-

The taste of the perfect all-American breakfast dream. Right here. Right now. One sip and everything’s Sunny. This is Sneak like you’ve never seen before. Here at Sneak we’re on a mission to inspire you to create. Our sugar-free formula is a different kind of energy drink, with natural colours and flavours. Sneak YouTube is your All-Access-Pass to Sneak events, uplifting stories and creative content. Whether you’re breaking kill records, producing some crazy beats or want an inside look into the latest products – you’ll find it here. We create our video content to inspire ambition, push boundaries in the gaming and creative industries and to unlock your full potential, with an injection of energy along the way. Combining a regular stream of creative content with compelling stories and behind-the-scenes access, we take you into the lives, minds and training of our Sneak ambassadors, as well as an insight into our products and community. Sneak Energy has grown a loyal following in the gaming and creative industry. We now offer our power energy drink in 11 flavours, Sneak merchandise and our canned sugar-free energy drink in 4 flavours.

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