Flashy fights, trashy bars meet in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw gameplay trailer

Following up on a recent extremely dope but gameplay-free cinematic trailer, Double Damage Games is giving us a glimpse of the upcoming Rebel Galaxy Outlaw from the cockpit. While its workaday space stations and ships look unassuming, its vibrant colors, glittering lasers, and abundant explosions betray a welcome anime influence. Much like its underappreciated predecessor, Rebel Galaxy, it’s also got style to spare, from its kicky soundtrack to the space dive bars that seem to make up most of civilization among the stars. It also trades the original’s naval-style combat for full-blown space sim controls, to better immerse you in your dreams of interstellar piracy.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw features high-octane space combat, over 20 hours of subspace radio, side activities like billiards and dice poker, plenty of sketchy characters to meet, and sketchier jobs to take on. Nobody’s saving the universe around here – they’d settle for saving a couple of credits.

From what little we’ve seen so far, I’d be willing to bet quite a few space bucks that Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will turn some heads when it launches in early 2019.

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