Fiverr embarks on gamer-focused and industry services

You probably know Fiverr as the place you go to pick up a quick hand for WordPress installs, Twitch panels, help with your eBay store, and logo designs (as well as a myriad of other online services).  Today, they are taking on a new adventure with a store focused entirely on gamers and the video gaming industry.  Specifically, they’ll be targeting micro-services that’ll help gaming companies of any size achieve objectives when they need a few extra hands on their project.  Here’s a little bit from the Fiverr team about their “Ultimate Gaming Store”:

Customers can now purchase high quality services in 30 categories related to gaming industry such as character modeling, game writing and trailers from skilled developers, designers and videographers. “Over the last year, Fiverr has seen rapid organic growth in gaming-related purchases from buyers and gig registrations by sellers,” said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO. “Launching our Gaming Store brings us another step closer towards our goal of being the everything store for digital services. It provides convenient access to high quality gaming talent and gives our freelancers additional opportunities to do what they love. We want to help power the current growth that exists in the broader gaming industry, with the freelance talent and services to help game creators meet their needs.”

As a quick demonstration, here’s a free game for iOS and Android that was developed using the services:

Pandea Stones - Official Trailer

Some of the digital services Fiverr’s store intends to launch with are focused on

● Game Development
● QA
● Character Modeling
● Storyboards
● Game Design
● Character Animation
● Game Writing
● Game Trailers
● Producers and Composers
● Graphics for Streamers
● Animation for Streamers
● Video Editing

I could see indies and medium-sized development houses turning to this service for code work, QA, audio, graphics, and a number of other things on this list.  Perhaps you have the next Slay the Spire, but you don’t have the art skills to bring it to life?  Maybe you need a great composer to give your project the soundtrack it needs.  It’ll be interesting to see how creating a space for companies and gamers to pick up services, be it a new logo for their stream, or an entire QA team to help debug the next big title.  I got a chance to sit down some of the Fiverr team for some Q&A, so stay tuned for that interview.   Check it out for yourself below as it launched just…now!

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