First gameplay revealed for upcoming mystical RPG The Thaumaturge

The first gameplay trailer for the recently announced mystical RPG The Thaumaturge has been released and can be seen at While the link to the footage was cleverly hidden in the announcement video, many may have missed it so now the link has been provided to all. Read below for more info:

Warsaw, Poland – Mar. 2nd, 2023 — Combining their magical powers earlier this week, 11 bit studios and Fool’s Theory announced the mystical RPG, The Thaumaturge, and now they’re ready to reveal the first gameplay footage. Those with powerful skills of deduction may have already seen the signs of what’s to come as a secret link to a mysterious page had been hidden in the game’s first announcement trailer. The time has come to unveil the enigma for all to see.

The Thaumaturge is a full-fledged RPG with character development mechanics that allow you to approach situations in different ways, make your own choices, and deal with their consequences. The gameplay is greatly shaped by the presence of mystical beings – the powerful Salutors. Putting a spin on turn-based combat mechanics, Salutors improve the main character’s fighting skills and enhance their statistics, as well as influence the narrative aspect of the game by allowing the player to manipulate other characters to reach personal goals. Taking place in early 20th-century Warsaw under the authoritarian rule of the Russian Empire, the city is a multicultural metropolis where luxury and wealth meet poverty and crime. In this heavily researched historical setting, players will have an opportunity to meet historical figures and learn about their involvement in the game’s story.

A gameplay demo of The Thaumaturge will be presented behind closed doors at this year’s GDC, happening in March in San Francisco.

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