Find your adventure-profit balance in Moonlighter, coming to consoles and PC May 29th

Grab your adventuring gear and dust off your store shelves, because Moonlighter, an action-adventure, shop keeping sim by Digital Sun and 11 bit studios will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 29th. This indie title tells the story of Will, a shopkeep by day who spends his nights exploring treacherous dungeons, facing off against monsters, avoiding pitfalls, and collecting valuable loot. Moonlighter is an action-RPG with rogue-lite elements which follows the everyday routines of the aforementioned Will, an ambitious shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero. His shop serves the people of Rynoka, a small town which sprang into being after an archeological dig uncovered a mysterious set of Gates leading to other dimensions. Brave and reckless adventurers flocked to the Gates from far and wide, seeking to test their might against creatures from another realm in search of treasures beyond measure.

Moonlighter will be available in both digital and physical versions, with digital copies retailing for $19.99. Physical copies will be available in both standard and limited Signature Editions, be sure to check back for more information about the price of these versions, as well as how to pre-order, when this information becomes available. Both the standard physical edition and the Signature Edition will come with a double-sided medallion, while the Signature version will come with a few extra goodies, including a glossy artwork poster and a squishy Jelly-Monster toy.

You can learn more about Moonlighter by checking out our hands-on at PSX, watching the launch trailer above, or by visiting the official Moonlighter website or the Steam store.

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