Find out who The Quiet Man is with a new behind the scenes video

Square Enix recently unveiled a new video for its upcoming narrative game The Quiet Man, which will be released on November 1 for PlayStation 4 and Steam. The game will also have a free patch that will answer some player questions through the addition of voiceovers.

The new video, titled “Who is The Quiet Man?” provides insights into the game’s core concepts and development process, with interviews from various members of the international development team. The in-depth look behind the making of the game explores the game’s initial conception, various themes that players will uncover within the title, the unique sound direction process in creating a ‘soundless’ game experience, the production of the game’s full-motion video scenes that bring the world of THE QUIET MAN to life, and more.

In addition to the developers and advisors involved with the production of THE QUIET MAN, internationally renowned writer, producer and performer Imogen Heap also discusses her work on the title and her inspirations for creating ‘The Quiet’, an original track debuting in THE QUIET MAN.

Additionally, a free patch will be available one week after release, titled THE QUIET MAN – ANSWERED -, which will offer answers to the unique mysteries of THE QUIET MAN by providing another play through with sound and voices.

Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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