Fight off the alien horde in co-op shooter, Earthfall

Earthfall is a new cooperative first-person shooter that has been in Steam Early Access for a little over a year and will be making the jump to a full release on July 13. Gearbox will be publishing and bringing it to Xbox One and PS4 retail as a result.

The game is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead as it’s a four-player co-op shooter, but you can also hole up and fortify your position in way that looks very much like something out of a Gears of War horde mode. The trailer released today shows off more of the game in action, so take a look. And check here for a hands-on we had with the game this week at E3.

Earthfall looks like a good way to fill that Left 4 Dead 3 sized hole in our hearts. Keep it here on Gaming Trend for any more news on Earthfall and anything else coming out of E3.

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