Fibrum reveals teaser trailer for their upcoming competitive coop shooter, Space Ops VR

Considered a “real-time training program for special operatives set in outer space,” Space Ops VR is the next project published by Firbum, the creators of the first Russian mobile VR headset. Space Ops VR will include lone wolf or co-op in player-versus-player matches to race to be the first ones to complete your map.

In Space Ops VR the year is 2301 and humanity has taken to deep space in the search for valuable resources to solve Earth’s energy crises. To that end, the Space Ops were formed as an elite cadre of first-responders ready to take on any task the galaxy can throw at them. As an enlistee, the player is tasked with familiarizing themselves with the arsenal and tactics of the Space Ops. This includes their array of specialist weaponry as well as the unique tactical teleport tool that helps them evade their foes. Rigorous training exercises packed with tough alien foes will put the Space Ops skills to the test. Players can complete these courses solo, cooperatively, or race head-to-head to get the highest score on global leaderboards.

Space Ops VR will include 1v1 and 2v2 PvP mechanics, skill-based matchmaking, competitive PvE modes including Skirmish and Trials, a sandbox mode and training for beginners, futuristic weapons with different damage types such as kinetic, beam, and plasma, and customizable characters.

Space Ops VR will be released on PC via Steam on May 23rd, 2019. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.



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