Feeling stuck in The Surge 2? Check out this Essential Tips trailer

Today, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have released a new trailer for its recently released action-RPG The Surge 2. This new Essential Tips video will help new players with finding their way through the dangerous land of Jericho.

Utilizing The Surge 2’s unique limb-targeting system, players will need to rip and tear new gear from their enemies through brutal executions. To aid them on their mission, today’s new trailer has some simple and advanced tips on The Surge 2’s gameplay elements.

Each fight in The Surge 2 is a desperate risk-versus-reward decision. Will you target a weak spot to end the fight quickly? Or will you target an armored part to gain powerful materials and weapons? You must utilize all the tools in your arsenal to survive, including a customizable combat drone, game-changing implants, and a new directional parrying system, all of which are discussed in the new trailer.

Discover the mysteries of Jericho City and the sources of the nanomachine plague alongside Athena, a mysterious young girl linked to your past, and escape the carnage of Jericho City

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