Farming Simulator 19’s first patch includes new Landscaping feature

Just a month after initial release, GIANTS Software have released the first major patch for Farming Simulator 19 which includes Landscaping for the creative-focused players. This feature is just one of the handful of additions in the patch of the game.

The new Landscaping feature allows you to modify the ground itself, controlling shape and color to give you even more ways to build the farm of your dreams. Accessible at all times but costing in-game money to use, Landscaping can be used for anything from moving mountains to touching up the areas around your horse paddock.

There are 16 varieties of ground that can be laid down with their own color and texture. In addition to the Landscaping feature, new economic difficulty modes have been added to change how easy it is to make money via trading goods and selling items, whether you want to risk little and profit a lot, or take a more realistic, hard-to-scrape-by approach.

More bug fixes and additions will be added at a later date in future patches for Farming Simulator 19. For more information or to purchase the game, visit the official website.

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