Fang debuts in Sonic Superstar’s newest animation video “Trio of Trouble”

In a story that takes place before the upcoming Sonic Superstars, Trio of Trouble features Dr. Egghead, Fang the Hunter, and Trip in a short adventure. It’s the first time Fang will appear in the animation and offers a fun glimpse into the world of Sonic Superstars. Preorders are still available for the Sonic Superstars game and include an exclusive LEGO Eggman character as a bonus. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more coverage as the game releases!

While the trio navigates a perilous ruin, Fang the Hunter will need to muster all his cunning to overcome past mistakes and escape the coils of a fierce new enemy. Meanwhile, Eggman will discover what may be the key to his next dastardly scheme. To watch the video, head here:

Sonic fans can pre-order the Physical and Digital Standard or Digital Deluxe editions of Sonic Superstars ahead of launch at to receive an exclusive in-game LEGO Eggman character skin. Also, sign up for our newsletter by January 31, 2024 to earn a classic, redefined skin for Amy Rose in Sonic Superstars when the game is released on October 17. Please visit the Sonic Superstars official website for full terms and conditions.


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