Fallen Ones comic Indiegogo campaign reaches last four days, aims for last stretch goal

Unseen Domains has recently seen some crowdfunding success with its recent Indiegogo campaign for the series Fallen Ones fully funded. With four days left, the studio hopes to raise a total of $4000 in order to reach a hardcover version of the completed book.

From the official Indiegogo page:

We already have the funds to publish all five episodes of our ruthless dark fantasy comics series in one printed edition. The comics are also published on our website as a webcomic series but this time we wanted to bring it to your hands in a special printed edition, in one book containing all the Fallen Ones episodes on 130+ beautifully drawn, colored pages. And thanks to you all, we did it! :D

We have also reached two more stretch goals already, therefore, the 40 pages Curesed Past comic and the character sheets will also be included in the book, raising the number of pages from  the original 90+ to 130+ for all our contributors. Let’s unlock the last stretch goal too – the hardcover edition.

While printed copies start at $25 plus shipping, there are digital versions of the Fallen Ones collected edition available for $5. Stay tuned for more comic news here on Gaming Trend.

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