Extract virtually in Ghosts of Tabor, jumping from the App Lab to Meta Quest Store

We all love a good shooter, and the extraction shooter has been the latest popular genre. While there are a ton on the scene, not many are playable in VR, and Ghosts of Tabor fills that niche. It’s been a hit in the App Lab, and is now headed to the Meta Quest store. Check out all the info below, and get your wallets ready for the Quest release on February 8th.

STOCKHOLM and PORT CHARLOTTE, FL, JANUARY 24, 2024 — Following nearly a year of basic training on App Lab, Beyond Frames Entertainment and Combat Waffle Studios have set their sights on the Meta Quest Store for the critically acclaimed VR extraction shooter Ghosts of Tabor. The game will graduate from App Lab on February 8 on Meta Quest, and continues to be available in Early Access on Steam. Releases on PlayStation VR2 and Pico releases will follow later this year.

 “We started Combat Waffle with 9 people, new to the VR development scene, and with a dream – to bring our love of extraction shooters to VR,” said Scott Albright, founder and CEO of Combat Waffle Studios. “It’s hard to believe that only 22 months after launching our studio, we’ve amassed such a massive and dedicated community. In the last month alone we saw more than 120,000 players on active duty. It just goes to show that if you want to play something that doesn’t exist yet, chances are that other people do too – so you should go out and make it yourself!”

“Combat Waffle has truly delivered something exciting to the VR community and proven that concepts from PC and console games can be translated over to immersive platforms with care and dedication,” said Maeva Sponbergs, Head of Publishing, Beyond Frames Entertainment. “The appreciation of the depth of gameplay and continuous player engagement in Ghosts of Tabor is a true testament to the maturity and growth potential of audiences in VR. Today’s graduation is a huge milestone for the team – but as with any graduation, this is just the start of a much bigger journey. Ghosts of Tabor remains in active development, and will continue to grow, refine, and adapt to players in a live service environment. There’s plenty more excitement to come!”

Ghosts of Tabor is an extraction survival FPS shooter, combining PvP and PvE, and has been a top seller in early access, achieving $10M+ in combined revenue from App Lab and Steam and amassing more than half a million unique players to date thanks to its fully loaded approach to scavenging, looting, crafting and combat. The game also features an unparalleled degree of realism in weaponry, with armaments modeled after their real-world counterparts that require reloading and firing techniques that mirror how each weapon is handled authentically.

Ghosts of Tabor supports squads of up to 3 players in cooperative multiplayer and can be purchased for $19.99 through January 31 on App Lab and Steam VR. Pre-orders for the graduated version will be available on the Meta Quest Store for $24.99 shortly after. Ghosts of Tabor on Steam will also retail for $24.99 effective on the same date. All users who purchased the game on App Lab will automatically own Ghosts of Tabor on the Meta Quest Store beginning February 8.  To learn more, follow Ghosts of Tabor on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Discord, or visit

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