Explore a digital legacy game as Charterstone: Digital Edition is available now

Acram Digital has just announced that their digital adaptation of the tabletop game Charterstone is now available for iOS, Android, and Steam. Android and iOS users can pick up their copy for $9.99, while those looking for PC can get it for $16.71 thanks to the 12% launch discount they are offering.

Charterstone: Digital Edition contains:

  • Full campaign, just like the tabletop version.
  • Online and Offline Multiplayer.
  • Cross-platform play – so it doesn’t matter what device your friends are using, you can still play together!
  • The online play is Asynchronous – meaning you don’t all have to be logged in at the same time to play!
  • Well developed AI opponents – Easy, Medium or Hard, in case you want to practice or don’t have a full squad of 6.

Can you convince the forever king to declare your village the new Eternal City? Pick one of the 6 unique characters to lead your charter. Discover new buildings, scoring possibilities and game mechanics. Strategize and manage your workers, buildings and resources. Watch the ruleset, and the village, expand from game to game. Build upon your progress from previous games. Uncover the story as you progress through the campaign.

Explore this beautiful digital came and experience everything from the campaign today. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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