Everything you need to know from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III reveal event

Did anyone else notice “No Russian”? It looks like we’ll have to breakdown all the action and secrets hidden in the gameplay trailer for Call of Duty’s next installment. It was a big day as we got a new Warzone event in MW2, new gameplay trailer for MW3, and the unveiling for this year’s Vault Edition. Sony’s blog has the full details on the reveal, but for a concise roundup of everything shown off and the pre-order bonuses announced check down below:

The War Has Changed

For the first time in back-to-back years, Call of Duty returns with a direct sequel as Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III picks up immediately following the events of last year’s incredible blockbuster Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II. This all-new experience is scheduled to be released worldwide on Friday, November 10th allowing players for the first time to continue their journey, progression, and story seamlessly for a new year to come.

Get ready for an all-new Campaign that continues the story immediately following the events of Modern Warfare II. Lead developer Sledgehammer Games, in partnership with Infinity Ward is set to deliver a full Campaign of action-packed operations ranging from signature, cinematic experiences to free-form Open Combat Missions, resulting in more player choice than ever before.

Expect a world-class Multiplayer experience celebrating the Modern Warfare series’ greatest legacies; all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) have been modernized with new modes and gameplay features and will be available at launch to get everyone started, while over 12 all-new core 6v6 maps will fuel post-launch live seasons.

For the first time, team up with other squads to survive and fight massive hordes of the undead in the largest Call of Duty Zombies map ever. Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) tells a new Zombies story from developer Treyarch, with missions, core Zombies features, and a host of secrets to discover.

Multiplayer: It’s Time to Settle Old Scores and Start New Ones

Modern Warfare III celebrates the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty with one of the greatest collections of Modern Warfare Multiplayer maps ever assembled.

Legendary Core Maps. Modern Gameplay.

Afghan. Derail. Estate. Favela. Karachi. Highrise. Invasion. Quarry. Rundown. Rust. Scrapyard. Skidrow. Sub Base. Terminal. Underpass. Wasteland.

The Return of Classic Gameplay

Here are the Multiplayer features confirmed for Modern Warfare III Multiplayer, coming Day One:

  • Map Voting returns, allowing players greater autonomy over their Multiplayer matches.
  • Classic Minimap Behavior, with red dots indicating when an enemy is firing an unsuppressed weapon.
  • All chosen Perks are available at the start of each match.
  • The Covert Sneakers Perk allows for silent movement (assuming you’ve chosen the correct footwear).
  • Core Multiplayer Health is increased to 150, lengthening the Time-to-Kill (TTK). Hardcore mode is not affected.

Modern Warfare III: Preorder Options and Benefits

It’s time to settle old scores and start new ones, starting on November 10, 2023, with the launch of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III.

There are many ways you can ready yourself for launch and learn about the various versions of the game, as well as the associated rewards you get for preordering.

Check the summary chart below to see the benefits you can claim, depending on which Digital version of Modern Warfare III you preorder or purchase:

Modern Warfare III: Vault Edition

Providing an exceptional number of benefits, the Vault Edition is the premier option for Modern Warfare III, available for $99.99 Suggested Retail Price or your regional equivalent. In addition to the full game, the Vault Edition contains the following:

  • Campaign Early Access (Preorder Benefit)
  • Open Beta Early Access (Preorder Benefit)
  • Soap Operator Pack (Preorder Benefit)
  • Nemesis Operator Pack
  • Two Weapon Vaults

BlackCell (one Season), includes the Battle Pass, BlackCell Sector that includes 1,100 CP Bonus, 50 Battle Token Tier Skips, and more

Soap Operator Pack (Digital Edition Benefit, Preorder Benefit) (*4)

Johnny “Soap” MacTavish may have been the youngest candidate ever to pass SAS selection, but the levelheadedness he displayed during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II campaign has only raised his profile and stature, and proven Captain Price right in choosing him for Task Force 141. Now you can instantly unlock the Soap Operator Pack by pre-ordering or pre-purchasing any Digital or Vault Edition of Modern Warfare III.

  • Instantly receive the “Masked Soap” Skin, the “Unmasked Soap” Skin, and the “Shadow Siege” Weapon Blueprint.
  • The Soap Operator Pack can be immediately used in Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone™, and will carry forward, meaning it will also be available in Modern Warfare III, starting at game launch.

Modern Warfare III: Physical Console Editions, Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Edition

If you’re wanting a physical disc version of Modern Warfare III, you can preorder it now at your preferred gaming retailer. The following versions are available:

  • PlayStation 4: Physical Edition Cross-Gen Bundle (includes PlayStation 5 next-generation version).
  • PlayStation 5: Physical Edition next-generation version (does not include PlayStation 4 version of Modern Warfare III).
  • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: Physical Edition Cross-Gen Bundle (includes Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions).

There are no Physical Editions available for the PC platform.

Call of Duty Endowment Direct Action Pack (Physical Editions): Exclusive for a limited time to select retailers, there will also be specially marked versions of Modern Warfare III that include the Call of Duty Endowment Direct Action Pack, which comes with an animated emblem, sticker and calling card. The Call of Duty Endowment Direction Action Pack helps veterans find high-quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market and by raising awareness of the value veterans bring to the workplace. You can also donate here. Follow the Endowment on social media to learn more about their mission – FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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