Elgato commissions a Vault-Tec drop for our vault dwellers who like to stay in their bunker and stream

Have no fear lonesome wanderer! Elgato has the perfect equipment for your stay in one of the wonderful vaults… especially if you’re stuck there for a very long time. Today, Elgato released special Fallout-themed gear, Stream Decks, Wave XLRs, and more! All of the info is below, and this drop is limited, so get yours now!

MILPITAS, CA, April 11th, 2024  Elgato, a brand of CORSAIR, today announced a limited-edition hardware line in collaboration with the award-winning publisher, Bethesda Softworks. The drop features four products—including a custom Stream Deck and dynamic mic—celebrating one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, Fallout. It’s now the second time Elgato and Bethesda have teamed up, following the release of Starfield™ in September 2023.

For Bethesda fans, the partnership is a chance to bring home an original Vault-Tec™ collectible, coinciding with the Fallout TV series debut on Prime Video. It marks a milestone for Elgato too, as the first time they’ve developed a custom dynamic mic (Wave DX), audio interface (Wave XLR), or boom arm (Wave Mic Arm LP). In addition to hardware, Elgato revealed a suite of digital assets, including a Pip-Boy-inspired voice modifier—offering creators new ways to express themselves online.

For a limited time, fans can get their hands on this rare Fallout gear via the Elgato website.

Fallout PR 1

“We’re thrilled to bring such iconic storytelling to life,” said Taylor Ward, Director of Ecosystem at Elgato. “Now creators can wander the wastelands from the comfort of their desk, with tech that really makes a difference.”

Stream Deck: Fallout Edition

Surviving the wastes requires laser-fast reflexes. Like a Vault Dweller’s trusty Pip-Boy, Stream Deck places controls right at your fingertips—so you’re never slow on the draw. It’s adorned in iconic artwork and endlessly customizable, as one-of-a-kind as your in-game reputations.

Wave DX: Fallout Edition

When one wrong word means getting blasted to bits, Wave DX ensures clear communication. It’s a dynamic microphone that sounds incredible right out of the box—and looks great in RAD green. So listeners hear your voice perfectly, whether you’re bartering scrap or commanding squadmates.

Wave XLR: Fallout Edition

Powered by Wave XLR, your microphone cuts through the static of the wastes like a .308 round. It’s an all-in-one audio interface and mixer, in a design inspired by post-nuclear Americana. With sound this clear and controls this easy, you’ll own the airwaves like the best wasteland DJs.

Wave Mic Arm LP: Fallout Edition

In a world of raiders and killer robots, it helps to keep a low profile. Wave Mic Arm LP holds your microphone in position, while laying low to free up your view. Push it aside, swing it back, rotate 360 degrees—Mic Arm LP is there when you need it, decked out in atompunk flair.

Vault Overseer Kits

Fans can also opt to bundle three or more devices:

  • Vault Overseer Broadcast Kit: Stream Deck, Wave DX, Wave XLR, and Wave Mic Arm LP
  • Vault Overseer Audio Kit: Wave DX, Wave XLR, and Wave Mic Arm LP

Each bundle not only offers savings at checkout, but also includes a free XLR cable. They could well be the most complete, custom audio and control solutions available on the market today.

Made to Mod

Beyond hardware, Elgato and Bethesda Softworks are offering a collection of digital assets for fans. Available separately, and for free, creators can personalize their online identity in Fallout style. The collection includes:

  • Pip-Boy-inspired icons for Stream Deck, allowing users to tailor the appearance of their keys
  • Stream Deck screensavers featuring memorable Vault-Tec scenes for moments of inactivity
  • A voice modifier equipped with a range of presets and settings based on the franchise’s iconic audio environments
Fallout PR VST

Starting today, fans can get their hands on these assets for free on Elgato Marketplace.

About Elgato Customs

Elgato’s history of hardware collabs includes top industry names like Discord, OpTic Gaming, and Dreamville Records. Their previous drop, a limited-edition Stream Deck and Wave:3 mic, celebrated the release of Starfield, Bethesda Game Studio’s first new universe in over 25 years. True to Elgato quality, each custom piece is hand finished in Germany by an expert production team.

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for more Elgato news and info!

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