Early mission footage of Alan Wake 2 is shown off at Summer Game Fest

The excitement for Remedy’s upcoming thriller continues to build as the launch date of October 17 nears. Summer Game Fest viewers were treated to new gameplay from an early mission titled, “The Heart.” Be sure to keep returning to Gaming Trend as we will cover everything Alan Wake 2 in the coming months.

Alan Wake 2 — Saga Anderson Gameplay Clip (Summer Game Fest)

Alan Wake 2 will also be at the prestigious Tribeca Games Festival in New York City on June 13 at 8 PM for a session called ALAN WAKE 2: BUILDING A WORLD OF FEAR. In this special Tribeca Games event, acclaimed filmmaker Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass) talks with renowned game creator Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment about the upcoming psychological thriller, Alan Wake 2. The two creative minds will dive deep into the influences of the upcoming game and explore what drives fear in interactive storytelling.

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