Dying Light 2 Stay Human brings the guns to a knife fight in the Firearms Update

Dying Light has always leaned towards melee weaponry, but after two years is getting a big change. As of this posting (2/22), guns are now in the mix, allowing you to mow down zombies. You might want to fire off shots conservatively however, as ammo isn’t a guarantee in this open world. The best news: this is a completely free update and also upgrades players to the Reloaded Edition, which gives them access to the Bloody Ties DLC at no charge. Check out the news below, and keep your eyes peeled for an impressions piece of the update soon from us.

Wrocław, Poland – Feb. 22, 2024 – It has been two years since Techland’s zombie extravaganza welcomed the first players in the post-apocalyptic city of Villedor. The game is constantly getting improved and refined, in line with the studio’s promise of 5 years of post-release support. With a dozen updates released that significantly upgrade the gameplay experience, the latest one brings the long-awaited firearms feature. Techland invites players to dive into the refreshed gameplay to see what’s changed – and what’s terrifyingly familiar.

The new Reloaded Edition offers the ultimate zombie experience to those who dabbled with Dying Light in the past and newcomers alike. It includes all previous updates, including the most recent Firearms Update, plus Bloody Ties DLC. The current owners of the Standard Edition will get upgraded for free.

The Firearms Update is the biggest content update the game has seen so far. The possibility of being able to shoot enemies has been much-requested by the community, and adds a brand new dimension to the beloved zombie game. It is important to note that firearms are an enhancement rather than a complete change of genre – they open new possibilities without altering the game’s DNA.

There are also many other excellent additions included in the update, such as co-op survivor missions, board quests, and various notable visual enhancements. The narrative itself gets enriched with the return of some scene-stealing characters from the first Dying Light game.

PC players will have the great opportunity to experience Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition in all its glory during the Free Weekend on Steam, between today, Feb. 22, and Monday, Feb. 26. The game’s progression will carry over for those who choose to purchase the game at a later date. Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition will also be available for 50% off on PC and consoles.

On top of all that, the community will be able to celebrate the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Second Anniversary event. Lasting from today, Feb. 22, at 3 am PT / 6 am ET / 11 am GMT, until Thursday, March 7, at 3 am PT / 6 am ET / 11 am GMT, the festivities will be marked by a series of special Bounties available via the Pilgrim Outpost as well as other in-game surprises.

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