Dying Light 2 gets a sunny update, teams up with bank robbers

That headline is certainly a bit sensational, but it’s the truth! Dying Light 2 Stay Human has received it’s latest update, the “Summertime” seasonal one. In it, we even find an interesting collaboration; Payday 2 is ten years old, so Techland made a blood pact to get a fun mashup going in game. Check all of that out, and the new trailer, below!

Wrocław, Poland – September 7, 2023 – Players are in for a late summertime treat with Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s latest update, now available on all platforms. Along with a slew of new features, Techland is joining forces with Starbreeze Studios to bring grand larceny to Dying Light 2 – celebrating the 10th anniversary of PAYDAY 2.

Break the Bank

Time flies – players can celebrate 10 years of PAYDAY 2 in Dying Light 2 Stay Human starting today, Sept. 7,  at 8 am PST / 11 am EST until Thursday, Sept. 21, at 8 am PST / 11 am EST, when a crime wave will sweep Villedor.

Players can expect to encounter Infected Robbers and Thieving Bolters, once defeated will drop precious Red diamonds. Collecting diamonds are necessary to complete event goals and be rewarded with items such as a Nightrunner Safety Pack, Dallas Mask, and Money Bundle weapon. These diamonds can also be sold for old time money in game. If the community bands together and gathers 11,000,000 diamonds, each player will score 25 Pilgrim Tokens.

Fans of PAYDAY 2 will also be able to pick up the PAYDAY Bundle 550 DL Points, featuring PAYDAY Gang Outfit, Money Bundle weapon and Blueprint, The Change weapon charm, and PAYDAY Paraglider.

Alterations Unleashed

Players starved for more will soon get their due with the introduction of Alterations offering players short-timed activities dialing up the vibrancy and fun. Anticipate double XP, exaggerated ragdoll physics, and even reduced gravity – adrenaline rushes are guaranteed!

Fast and Easy

Introducing DL Points (FAQ): a new way of getting skin bundles without having to leave the game. This will ensure a more straightforward user experience and reduce Techland’s operational efforts required to maintain the bundles elsewhere. To ensure everyone can experience this new system, at launch, all players will get 500 DL Points* that can be spent in the in-game store.

Let Loose on Community Maps

The long-awaited feature, developed in collaboration with, has been previously only available on PC. With the Summertime Update, you can now play the Community Maps on consoles and Steam Deck! Delve into the creative imaginations of our community members and explore the worlds they’ve crafted in Dying Light 2.

Summer Harvest

The summer may be ending, but our unwavering commitment to supporting Dying Light 2 Stay Human with new features is not. From now on players who enjoy co-op sessions will be able to skip the prologue and jump straight into action. Content creators will now have the ability to switch between three levels of brutality** in the settings at any time, preventing gameplay videos from being flagged. New animations have been added for knives, establishing a new weapon category and lots more fixes. Head to thePilgrim Outpost for more information!

*Players must redeem DL Points by October 7th, 2023.

**The exception being German and Japanese versions of the game, where the brutality level is firmly set according to the local regulations.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Dying Light 2 Stay Human (and Payday 2 & 3) news and info!

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