Dungeon crawler with roguelike elements Metaverse Keeper to be released next week on Steam

Indie studio Spark Games announced today that their debut game Metaverse Keeper, a dungeon crawler with randomly-generated worlds, will be released on PC next week. The game will feature local and online coop, 4 different heroes with their own skills, and hundreds of semi-randomly generated weapons out of 7 general categories.

Metaverse Keeper is a dungeon crawler with roguelike elements. Four heroes from different universes, each with their own special skills, have been called upon by the mysterious body of government of the Multiverse. The ancient and evil creature who caused the cataclysm that made the Multiverse as it is is back. The four heroes will board its Bastion, a vast ship drifting across space-time, with one goal in mind: uncover its secrets in order to stop the Boss and bring balance back to the Multiverse. They know they will fail and die a lot of times, but thanks to their space-time-travel abilities, they will also be back again and again – but the Bastion, due to the chaotic nature of the Multiverse, will keep changing too…

Metaverse Keeper will feature fast-paced dungeon crawling gameplay, over 100 enemies and 8 bosses, local and online coop, customizable powers and weapons, and 7 weapon categories with thousands of variations of randomized stats.

Metaverse Keeper will be released on PC via Steam on April 11th, 2019 for $14.99. For more information, visit its Steam page.


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