DropKey green screen lets you be anywhere in seconds

I don’t usually post up Kickstarter efforts for cool tech because there’s just so much of it. Well, I found an exception to the rule with a fresh take on greenscreen footage. Sure, you can grab a single panel or use a cloth, but that only takes you so far. If you want to start doing more than sit in a chair, you’ll either need a lot of space and gallons of paint, or you need a completely fresh approach. Enter DropKey.

Launching on Kickstarter today, this inflatable studio comes with everything you need to do your own green screen work literally anywhere. Complete with bright lighting, whole thing fits into a duffel bag, making it possible to shoot in a matter of minutes. Better still, it also comes wired with two headphone jacks and comes with two wired lapel microphones to give you everything you need to conduct an interview on the spot.

Shoot Better Videos and Build Your Brand

Speaking from experience, lighting is an absolute nightmare with a green screen, but the DropKey removes all of the ambiguity and challenge of getting an even lighting on your subject.

As an addon, or included with the pro version, the DropKey team also has a lighting and audio mixer that puts control directly on a device for single pane of glass for all of your functions.

The “classic” kit is $499 if you act now, and $549 if you think on it for a bit, with the pro version coming in at $1199 for early birds. Speaking from experience, the cost of setting up a permanent studio is easily many times that amount.

If this sounds like precisely what you need to get started, or if it might just make what you are already doing easier or more mobile, you can check it out right here.

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