Dreaming of new friends, Kirby Star Allies to receive its anticipated second free update this Summer

While it may seem later than expected, HAL and Nintendo announced that the next free update for Kirby Star Allies will be released this Summer. This update will most likely contain the second wave of dream friends.

What’s interesting to note is that the wording isn’t that “new dream friends are coming,” but that it’s a second free update. We already know that there will be new levels added to one of the post-game modes, but could something else be cooking up at HAL Headquarters? In addition to this Tweet, the official Kirby tweet teased an image of one of the new Dream Friends.

Like Wave 1, this character will be a reappearance of a character from past Kirby games. Personally, I’m betting that it’s Daroach’s face upside down, but more information will be available on who is in the next update. I already took a look at the current Dream Friends and the post-game modes here. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend as more news on the free updates for Kirby Star Allies is released.

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