Don’t let the remorse consume you, Everlasting Guilt available on PC now

Today, Geeky Mouse announced that its second project, Everlasting Guilt, is now available via Early Access on Steam. The game features FPS elements mixed with action-adventure exploration as players will explore a thought-provoking fantasy story as well as different types of skill tree improvements.

Independent game developer Geeky Mouse announces the launch of Everlasting Guilt. With unique gameplay that combines FPS elements alongside action-adventure, Everlasting Guilt is a different kind of single-player experience. From the lore the game offers, to the deep combat mechanics and the learning curve that the game brings to the table, alongside the skill tree players can go through to enhance their experience. The adventure takes place in a fantasy setting, the entire game revolving around boss fights, collecting clues and powers to further explore the story behind this ominous world.

In Everlasting Guilt, players will experience fast-paced combat, a difficult one, but highly rewarding. They will face a set of challenges and must be prepared with the proper skills, and gear.

Key features:

  • First Person Shooter experience with fast-paced combat.
  • Variety of skills that players can explore.
  • Hidden challenges to encourage players to explore.
  • An arsenal of weapons players can put to good use per situation.
  • An interesting backstory to the main character.


Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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