Don’t know what to play today? BoardGameGeek reinstates tabletop recommendations

Stumped on what to play for your next game night? Board game enthusiast website BoardGameGeek has announced that it has re-released board game recommendations on the site, where users can check out similarly recommended games within a selected game page.

BoardGameGeek founder Scott Alden announced the news in a recent forum thread:

Toby Mao (captaintobs), an engineer from Netflix, has been working with us to integrate a new game recommendation system based on millions of user ratings. You can find a short list of recommendations after the Reviews module on game pages, and a full list by clicking “See All” or clicking “Fans Also Like” from the drop down menu.

This algorithm will definitely help those who want to check out similar games from something they enjoy, and further comments and critiques of the system are encouraged. Stay tuned for more tabletop news here on Gaming Trend.

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