Dodging of the dead, type the divine with The Textorcist on PC next year

Headup Games and Morbidware recently announced that they will release the bullet hell/typing mashup game The Textorcist on PC during the first quarter of next year. The game is a unique mix of shoot-em-up and typing gameplay, as players will have to type different phrases in English and Latin in order to exorcise a host of demonic enemies with divine power.

How many things are you able to do at once? In The Textorcist you “only” have to do two things: type and dodge. Sounds easy enough in theory but proves much harder in practice. This game will put you to the limits of your cognitive and body coordination capacities.

You’re Ray Bibbia, private exorcist and certified badass. Your mission is to rid the world of every evil spirit and send them back to hell. You banish them by typing out the holy passages from your book, down to the last letter.

Any spelling mistake you make will set you back, but to make things really interesting you also have to dodge your enemies’ relentless bullet barrage at the same time. Welcome to (Bullet) Hell!

But obviously this is still not enough of a challenge for you, which is why later on in the game the texts will be in Latin, as is proper for such a holy man of the church as Ray Bibbia.

The Textorcist’s release is planned for Q1 2019, but until then we will have a few surprises up our sleeves, so better stay tuned!

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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