Dodge ‘til you’re dead with Disco Dodgeball Remix on consoles this month

Get ready for some groovy action soon, as Zen Studios has announced that it will release the revamped version of dodgeball game Disco Dodgeball Remix, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 22. The game will feature some colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay, alongside some revised mechanics.

Your new favorite sport-type-thing, Disco Dodgeball Remix offers up a crazily intense mix of arena-based first-person shooter and classic dodgeball—all played by killer robots whose lethality is only surpassed by their charm.

Combatants one-hit kill their opponents with physics-based precision, all with skateboard-style movement set to a neon-drenched dance-club aesthetic. Players throw glowing dodgeballs at each other and complete objectives in team-based or free-for-all modes, using a variety of powerups and showboat aerial trick-shots to score extra points.

The game will come with a revamped user interface as well as revamped leveling mechanics for the console version, with the Nintendo Switch version offering motion controls and the ability to use 2 Joy-Con controllers in split-screen mode. Check out the groovy new trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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