Displate launches new collections, including House of Dragon, Warhammer, and Deadpool & Wolverine

Displate, known for their one-of-a-kind metal posters, just released multiple new collections, including Deadpoool & Wolverine, Warhammer, and House of Dragon. If you’re unfamiliar with Displate, you can check out an impressions piece we wrote a few months ago here, but essentially they sell one-of-a-kind metal posters of all things fandom, including movies, gaming, and television. Their posters come in three sizes: Medium (17.7×12.5″), Large (26.6×18.9″), and Extra Large (35.4×25.3″) and easily stick to your wall using a magnet. Read below for more details on Displate’s latest collections:

With the new Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 coming later this summer, Displate is celebrating early with an all new collection of Warhammer Textras to fill your gaming room with metal posters with 3D textures and a mix of matte and gloss finishes to truly immerse yourself in the Warhammer world.

Displate’s new Warhammer designs pop off the wall, transporting fans into the battlefields of Warhammer, with intricate designs of the Dark Imperium and six new Emperor’s Tarot Card designs for love, strength, justice, and more brought to life with 3D textures.

See the full collection here, and check out a photo from the new collection here.

Displate also recently launched new collections highlighting this summer’s already most talked about movies and shows:

About Displate

Displates are one-of-a-kind metal posters that capture a collector’s unique passions, from gaming and movies to travel, and more. With a range of sizes and finishes to choose from, Displates are designed to suit any space, and their metal body makes Displates one of the most attractive and remarkable pieces of collectible decor. Simply hung with a magnet, these posters are made to be swapped to fit any trend or phase of life – football season, a new season of your beloved show, or holiday decor.

Fans can choose Displates from their favorite franchises, showcasing superheroes of renowned titles such as Marvel and DC, star athletes and teams in MLB and NFL, nostalgic childhood favorites like Hello Kitty and Snoopy, video games such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077, iconic shows and movies like Friends, Star Wars, and Netflix’s Stranger Things, and over 1.5 million more unique and licensed designs.

More than just a poster, Lumino is a premium Displate variation with ultra-thin, animated OLED lights to bring posters to life. Each Lumino design is exclusive and only sold for a short period of time. These limited edition, light up designs come in the medium Displate size (17.7×12.6”) for $299.

As a carbon neutral company, Displate seeks to fill the world with art, not emissions, manufacturing with geothermal energy, using sustainable packaging, and offsetting emissions with reforestation projects.


Displate metal posters come in three sizes and a choice between a matte or glossy finish:

  • Medium – 17.7×12.6” ($49)
  • Large – 26.6×18.9” ($99)
  • Extra Large – 35.4×25.2” ($164)

Installation is Easy

Setting up Displate posters is quick and easy – no hassle or power tools required:

  1. Clean the wall with the provided cleaning wipe, and let dry completely.
  2. Peel the backing off the protective leaf paper and stick on the wall.
  3. Remove the foil backing from the magnet and press into the middle of the protective leaf for a few


  1. Stick Displate to the metal mount and enjoy!

Once installed, it’s easy to swap out Displates for a different design or remove the mounting system with no damage to the wall.

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