Displate celebrates 11 years, announces Its biggest sale of the year and new Limited Edition posters!

We at Gaming Trend have loved what we’ve seen from Displate! Check out our editor in chief, Ron Burke, discuss two of the new Textra designs in this video! Our friends at Displate have an amazing announcement, here’s what they have to say!

Displate, makers of one-of-a-kind metal posters, celebrates its 11th birthday today announcing its biggest sale of the year and exciting new designs!

The company is celebrating big with up to 40% off original Displates and new poster releases reflecting the power of teams, in honor of the company’s own employees and community. New releases include: 11 new exclusive Textra designs, a new birthday design, three limited edition and exclusive designs, a double feature design, and an OLED-powered Lumino. Fans can choose from these birthday drops here.

Displate is offering its biggest sale of the year on original designs. Today through May 23 at 11:59 p.m. ET., movie buffs, gamers, nerds, and pop culture enthusiasts can “build their own team of Displates” by stocking up on multiple designs. Using code “BDAY,” fans can start a collection with 30% off of one to two Displates, 35% off of three Displates, and 40% off of four or more Displates. With over 1.5 million designs to choose from, Displate has something for every fan including iconic team-themed designs of Star Wars, Call of Duty, Harry Potter, Marvel, Friends, and more. These durable, dynamic metal posters elevate any space with Displate’s simple magnetic mounting system that is damage-free and makes it easy for Displate owners to swap out designs to keep their space updated. (The deal excludes limited editions, Lumino, and Textra.)

11 Designs for 11 Years

Displate has challenged what a poster can be with its high-quality metal posters, limited editions, Lumino designs, and its new 3D metal poster, Textra. In its 11 years, Displate has sold over 11 million metal posters to over 1.8 million homes and offices globally, showing how fans love to collect and swap out Displates of their favorite movie scenes, characters, video games, and more.

To celebrate each of Displate’s years in business, Displate released 11 new Textra designs that feature an exclusive blend of tangible textures, 3D contouring effects, and selective matte and gloss finishes. The designs were chosen by the Displate community and include unique designs of unlocking a hidden realm, a floral illustration for cat lovers, colorful solar system, viking ships on a gloomy night, and more.

Displate Drops A New, Limited Edition Birthday Design

Displate also dropped a new limited edition birthday design, with bright, saturated neon colors with eye-popping contrast on a black background. The poster urges viewers to “imagine,” depicting an array of characters and fun, holographic Easter Eggs including a cherry on top. The design will satisfy Displate fans who love sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy themes, challenging geeks to explore the design and find Easter Eggs.

“Today is a celebration of how far Displate has come in challenging the status quo of posters,” said CEO Bartek Małecki. “From its inception, Displate has brought wall art beyond traditional posters, launching Limited Editions, Ultra Limited Editions, OLED-powered Lumino posters, and Textra 3D posters. These 11 years would not have been possible without the exceptional employees, artists, community, and customers that make Displate what it is, so this year, we’re celebrating with team-focused designs and our biggest sale of the year to show the importance of a great team’’

New Licensed Designs Celebrating Teams

In addition to the birthday designs, Displate introduces team-focused designs that elevate any space and show the true power of a team. Today, Displate announces five new designs as shown below, act fast to grab these exclusive designs by June 17 and the limited-editions before they sell out!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Exclusive Drop: The Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads collaborate as a non-stoppable team in this exciting new design.
Star Trek Exclusive Drop: A Trekkie collectible of an out-of-this-world design featuring the USS Enterprise exploring the galaxy.
Limited Edition Godzilla vs King Kong: Two ancient titans join forces for a spectacular neon-lit showdown against the Skar King in this official 3D-detailed artwork.
X-Men Double Feature: This exciting design from Jim Lee spans across two Textra posters, showcasing X-Men and team’s superhero forces to defeat enemies with stunning 3D effects and contours.
League of Legends Lumino: Displate’s premium variant with ultra-thin animated OLED lights built in the poster of Runeterra facing the dreaded Baron Nashor.

Displate metal posters are available in a range of sizes and finishes. Shop now at

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