Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion announced for Star Wars: Legion

Director Orson Krennic from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is coming to Star Wars: Legion as a commander for imperial forces later this year. Krennic brings a strategic mix to the game, as he has the ability to use Strict Orders to remove a suppression token instead of rolling a dice when a friendly trooper unit with a face-up order token activates.

The commands you issue are crucial in dictating your strategy for a battle and with Krennic as part of your command, you can ensure your orders are carried out without interruption. Once his schemes have been put into motion, Krennic excels at catching opposing commanders off guard. For example, no matter how great it is, Krennic refuses to let his Voracious Ambition show, leaving his rivals to wonder what he has planned. Like the secrets he fights to protect, this command card conceals the identity of the units Krennic can issue orders to, freeing him to enact his battle plan without tipping off the opposition.

But this subtlety doesn’t mean Krennic is afraid to make bold statements. At the right moment, he’s more than willing to Deploy the Garrison to lock down crucial areas of the battlefield. When he does, friendly troopers become ready to react to enemy movements before other units even have a chance to get going. Essentially daring the Rebels to move within range or find another way around, these units become a valuable screen for the rest of your army to operate behind.

The Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion (SWL33) for Star Wars: Legion will be released in the first quarter of 2019. For more information or to see more units, visit the Fantasy Flight Games website.

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