Dire Wolf Digital announces Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne, based on the digital free-to-play card game

Dire Wolf Digital, creators of digital and tabletop strategy games announced the tabletop adaption of one of their largest IPs, Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne. It is based on the digital card game Eternal, which will see its sixth expansion, Dark Frontier, later next week.

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne is the first stand-alone physical game based on the strategy card game Eternal. Eternal is one of the most truly free-to-play digital card games on the market. Its sixth expansion, Dark Frontier, will release next week on May 9th and introduces new stories, game mechanics, and over 200 new cards. Eternal is now available on PC, mobile, and Xbox One, and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this spring.

Designed by Paul Dennen, lead designer of Clank!, Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne combines features of both deck-building games and card battlers into an intense strategic experience for two to four players. In highly-replayable games that unfold over 30-45 minutes, players will experience fast-paced gameplay as they attack, block, and summon creatures in back and forth CCG-style combat.

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne will have everything needed for intense strategic card battles out of the box. It can be played with 2-4 players and matches are expected to last 30-45 minutes. The box contains over 160 cards, 4 health trackers, over 35 tokens, a rulebook, and a digital code redemption to be used in the Eternal card game.

Every copy of Chronicles of the Throne also includes a unique digital code that can be used in Eternal itself for 1 Draft ticket, 10 digital card packs, and an exclusive Curiox Dragon totem. Those who pre-order Chronicles of the Throne will receive an additional Draft ticket for Eternal, for a total value of $30 in free in-game content.

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne will be released in August later this year for $25.00. To pre-order, visit the Digital Dire Wolf store.

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