Digital TTRPG Fablecraft heads to Kickstarter beginning May 9th

Fablecraft is an upcoming digital-first tabletop role-playing game from the indie studio Riftweaver. The game features a free-to-play platform and provides a new way for players to be introduced to the world of TTRGs. Set in the fantasy world of Mythas, players can choose and wield powers based on their homeland as they embark on fantastic adventures. Fablecraft heads to Kickstarter on May 9th! Check out the Kickstarter trailer below:

Fablecraft | Kickstarter Trailer

Coming first to Kickstarter starting May 9, Fablecraft is a vibrant, free-to-play platform that’s an effortless, epic, intuitive experience for players and game masters of all levels – no laborious on-boarding, frantic stat-checking, or hundred-page manual required. Designed to be easy to pick up and play in 90 minutes or less, Fablecraft leverages digital features to drip-feed easy-to-use yet exciting game mechanics, story, and lore, so that players can learn as they go. A completely unique game system, new world setting, and character types than legacy TTRPGs, Fablecraft incorporates integrated video, audio, and text chat and can run on iOS, Windows, Android, and MacOS, allowing you to play online or IRL with a group of fellow adventurers.

“We’re making the tabletop RPG format accessible to anyone with a mobile device, an active imagination, and a sense of adventure,” said David Hohusen, Co-founder of Riftweaver. “There’s a unique camaraderie born from shared adventures, and with Fablecraft, players around the world will be able to connect with friends through slightly weird,extremely visually beautiful, often hilarious, and always wonderful experiences.”

Once launched, Fablecraft will be free to download and will include a starter adventure as well as a library of art assets, battlemaps, and music that players can use to homebrew their own campaigns. Set to release free content on an ongoing basis, Fablecraft will also offer premium options, allowing users to purchase exclusive adventures, battlemaps, game assets, and more. Additionally, Fablecraft features an integrated marketplace that will allow artists to sell work directly to players.

For more information, please visit, and visit the Kickstarter page to follow the campaign when it launches on May 9.

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