Devolver Digital celebrates 4/20 with a new Weedcraft Inc trailer featuring Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers

To celebrate the launch of their business simulator Weedcraft Inc and all things 4/20, Devolver Digital released a new live-action trailer. The trailer features the absurd hilarity Devolver Digital is known for while giving more information about developer Vile Monarch’s new title.

Players of Devolver Digital’s tycoon business sim Weedcraft Inc have dutifully learned that few things are colder than the world of business, but no one is happier to spread that crushing life lesson wider than the company’s own Chief Synergy Officer Nina Struthers.

To further strike fear and a weird sense of respect into the hearts of consumers everywhere, Nina has released a new trailer showcasing what to expect when you’re too focused on making quality contributions to the world to account for being carrion to circling corporate vultures.

Luckily these ruthless tactics have been warmly received by stoners the world over, as Weedcraft Inc has enjoyed such a successful launch that Devolver can keep the money furnace in developer Vile Monarch’s office blazing. Aspiring ganjapreneurs can continue growing their businesses and engineering new strains of weed strong enough to take down three Seth Rogens with the comfort of knowing more surprises for Weedcraft Inc are on the way.

Weedcraft Inc is currently available for PC via Steam and GOG for $19.99. Earlier this week, we released our review of the title, check it out here. For more information about the game, visit the official website.


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