D&D is now everything, everywhere, all at once in the new Planescape box set

On October 17th, Dungeons & Dragons finally wraps up their multi-year multi-versal romp through the various iconic settings that have been a part of the game since, well, the eighties with Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse! (Can’t really say since the beginning because OG setting Greyhawk is nowhere to be seen in 5th Edition. So far.)

Return to the incredibly imaginative world of Planescape, where demons and angels sip tea together and the unexpected is just around the corner. From perplexing realities to multiversal glitches, fans of the original Planescape setting will encounter both familiar and unfamiliar uncertainties in this smorgasbord of multidimensional chaos.

What better way to cap off this current iteration of the beloved tabletop RPG than with a setting that encompasses ALL SETTINGS! Yes, that’s right, Planescape isn’t just it’s own setting, much like Spelljammer last year, the rules and ideas laid out in this set of three books is designed to help interconnect Forgotten Realms with Dragonlance with Theros with Ebberon- heck, even with every homebrew setting that started out as a twinkle in the eye of your designated Dungeon Master.

Bursting with multiversal flavor, this campaign collection contains limitless storytelling inspiration. Dungeon Masters will find everything they need to run grand adventures, including adventure hooks, idiosyncratic locations, and multiversal calamities. With a random encounter table and over 50 unusual creatures, planar pandemonium is just a roll of the dice away.

Planescape®: Adventures in the Multiverse comes with a plethora of unconventional new player options. Choose from 2 new backgrounds: will you be a gate warden influenced by mysterious planar forces, or a planar philosopher who pursues the hidden truths of the multiverse? Channel planar energies with 7 otherworldly feats, experiment with intriguing magic spells, and draw inspiration from Sigil’s 12 ascendant factions, each with distinct cosmic ideologies.

There are three full-sized books in this set, along with a couple of maps and a handy-dandy Dungeon Master’s Screen

First up- Sigil and the Outlands, a 96-page hardcover book that includes “planar character options, details on the fantastic City of Doors, descriptions of the Outlands and the gate-towns that lead to the Outer Planes, and more”

Immerse yourself in the backstage of reality, using Sigil, the City of Doors, as a gateway to explore the surreal landscape of the Outlands. Explore with a double-sided poster map of Sigil and the Outlands, which serve as both adventure locations and springboards to adventures across the multiverse. The possibilities – just like the realms – are endless.

Then, of course, we need some beasties, and Mort’s Planar Parade is a 64-page hardcover book that “presents game statistics and descriptions for inhabitants of the Outer Planes, including planar incarnates, hierarch modrons, and time dragons”

Much like Boo’s Astral Menagerie was to Spell Jammer, Mort’s Planar Parade provides a host of planar creatures that characters might bump into, whether it’s in the Outlands or in Sigil or any number of locations they might visit in the adventure. It also provides tools to create your own planar creatures, and outlines Planar Influences, which essentially answers questions like, “what traits might a unicorn have that has spent it’s life grazing just south of the portal to the 9 Hells?”

And finally, Turn of Fortune’s Wheel, a 96-page hardcover adventure ”set in Sigil and the Outlands, which is designed for characters of levels 3–10 with a jump to level 17″

Something that players are going to discover in this adventure is that they’re at the center of this multi-planar glitch where something about reality isn’t clicking with them right, and in the course of learning about that, what they are going to discover is that when they die something dramatic happens to them- they don’t die, they come back as a different incarnation of themselves. Your character might come back slightly different. You have this opportunity through the campaign that you have three different versions of your character that you shift between. Eventually the truth of yourself ends up coalescing and your character gets catapulted up to their true potential at 17th level to finish of the adventure in grand form.

The set arrives at local game stores on October 17th (yes, there are alternate covers by original Planescape artist Tony DiTerlizzi), but you can order the physical + digital bundle here, with digital versions of the set available on D&D Beyond a couple of weeks sooner on October 3rd. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our eventual review!

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