Daemon X Machina “Prototype Missions” demo available on Switch eShop now

During today’s Nintendo Direct, producer Kenichiro Tsukuda announced that Daemon X Machina is receiving a demo, available for download on Nintendo Switch now. Tsukuda said that the demo would only be available for a short time, but didn’t say exactly how long it will stick around.

Prototype Missions, as the demo is titled, will feature four levels and give players the chance to check out the game’s mech customization. The final level of the demo will also feature a boss battle against the giant four-legged tank featured in the game’s E3 debut trailer.

Developer Marvelous First Studio is looking for feedback from players who try to demo. Certain players will receive a survey via email after playing, and he encouraged anyone to reach out on social media.

Tsukuda also narrowed the game’s release window to sometime this summer.

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