‘Curse of the Dead Gods’ and ‘Dead Cells’ Merge in a Free April Update!

Curse of the Dead Cells? Fan Favorite Roguelikes Collide in New Free Update for Curse of the Dead Gods on April 14 on All Consoles!

Curse of the Dead Gods, the highly lauded roguelike released last month, is merging with the incredible Dead Cells in a free DLC update for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The update, being released on April 14th, will bring elements of Dead Cells into the Curse of the Dead Gods world, including new curses, weapons, and challenges. Details for the free DLC are below:

“Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have partnered with Motion Twin and Evil Empire for “Curse of the Dead Cells,” a new crossover event featuring the smash-hit indie roguelikes Curse of the Dead Gods and Dead Cells. On April 14, players will be able to download a free update for Curse of the Dead Gods on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC featuring special new content inspired by Dead Cells.

Credit: Focus Home Interactive

Credit: Focus Home Interactive

Here’s what surprises Dead Cells fans can discover in Curse of the Dead Gods when the new event kicks off next week:

  • New Curse — Curse of the Headless: Players will move faster but take more damage, with a visual twist emblematic of Dead Cells’ main character.
  • Three New Weapons: The Sword of Conjunctivius, the Broadsword of the Knight, and the Crossbow of the Condemned.
  • New Challenge Room that can be found during runs featuring a Dead Cells Cursed Chest, a special challenge and a rare weapon.

The update will also include other new content for Curse of the Dead Gods players, including a new two-handed weapon style and an additional Curse. For more on the game, visit”

For more info on both Curse of the Dead Gods and Dead Cells, stay tuned to Gaming Trend.


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