CRKD releases the Kraken with Special Edition Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

One of the more advanced accessories for the Nintendo Switch just got a special edition release limited to 500 units. CRKD and POPeART are teaming up for the Kraken Special Edition Nitro Deck for both the Nintendo Switch and OLED model. For those unfamiliar, Nitro Decks are accessories for the Nintendo Switch that offer increased comfort, response time, customizable features, and Hall Sensor analog stick which all but eliminate the notorious stick drift. Units are live to purchase to check the links down below to grab one before they sell out.

Expected to ship in January 2024, the Kraken is the first in a planned number of special designs created by POPeART, an artist well known in the controller community and renowned for his unrivalled artistic vision. Skilfully weaving captivating stories through his art, POPeART has drawn inspiration from the ancient Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi; which celebrates the beauty found in imperfection adhering to the three guiding principles: “Nothing lasts, Nothing is finished, Nothing is perfect.” Through these principles, POPeART encourages gamers to see beyond conventional constraints and embrace the organic, ever-evolving nature of life and art.

This design is a direct reflection of the intriguing folklore surrounding the Kraken, drawing inspiration from the dark and mysterious tales of this colossal sea creature, featuring tentacle-like patterns and oceanic motifs.

Commenting on the Kraken Nitro Deck, POPeART said, “I’m enormously excited to begin this journey of collaboration with CRKD. The Nitro Deck is a highly unique product, one which lends itself to expression through striking design. The Nitro Deck has collectability baked into its DNA, where fans can use the True Collection System Companion App to tap their Nitro Deck, finding out the product number and rarity rank then being able to lock their collectible in their CRKD collection. Fusing art and collectability couldn’t be more exciting, and I’m delighted to be working with CRKD in crafting premium collectible gaming gear with boundless artistic imagination.”

To celebrate the special edition hardware, CRKD and POPeART are excited to announce a sweepstake giveaway, giving gamers the opportunity to win a framed version of the Kraken Nitro Deck personally signed by POPeART. For more information on how you can win your own hardware masterpiece please visit to enter:

The Nitro Deck has fast become one of the most sought-after Nintendo® Switch™ compatible accessories, promising to elevate handheld gaming with improved comfort, enhanced response time, and the inclusion of Hall sensor analog sticks, effectively eliminating stick drift. In addition, the Nitro Deck offers a range of customizable features designed to enhance every facet of gameplay. With a host of stunning reviews from international gaming media and enthusiastic community support, the Nitro Deck is certain to be must-have hardware this Holiday season.

The Kraken Nitro Deck, part of the CRKD Canvas Collection is limited to 500 units worldwide and will be available to purchase starting 10:00am PST on October 31st, 2023. When the Kraken is sold out, no further units will be made available. Retailing for $69.99/£69.99/€79.99 gamers can find further information or purchase the Kraken, exclusively through CRKD at

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