CRKD just unveiled their new NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller for Switch, PC, Mobile, and Smart TVs

CRKD, a new premium collectible gaming brand, just announced the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller for gaming on the Switch, PC, Mobile, and Smart TVs. Combining the aesthetic of retro controllers with advanced features found in modern day controllers, the NEO S has been designed to feel comfortable in your hands while boasting state-of-the-art Hall Effect Thumbsticks, Remappable Back Buttons, an internal gyroscope and more. While not in use, the NEO S has been designed to double as a work of art, featuring striking designs including three designs by renowned game controller artist POPeART. You can learn more below:

Livermore, CA – February 8, 2024 – CRKD™, the new premium collectible gaming brand behind the award-winning Nitro™ Deck, announced today the NEO S™ Wireless Collectible Controller for Nintendo® Switch™, PC, Mobile and Smart TV’s.

Combining the streamlined aesthetics of retro gaming controllers with the advanced feature set found in modern day gamepads, the NEO S forges its own path, marrying form and function to create a highly collectible and deceptively powerful piece of hardware.

The NEO S is compatible with Nintendo Switch, yet thanks to advanced Bluetooth® technology, it’s just as at home when used with PC, mobile devices, and gaming via Smart TV’s.

As much a piece of art as a feature packed gaming controller, the NEO S launches in nine distinct designs, including three Special Editions designed by renowned game controller artist POPeART.

To complement the striking design, the NEO S is packed with high-end features. Like the Nitro Deck before it, the NEO S is equipped with state-of-the-art Hall Effect Thumbsticks, providing drift free, precision gaming, and adjustable actuation Hall Sensor Triggers allowing gamers to tailor trigger sensitivity to individual preference.

On the rear of the NEO S, a set of Remappable Back Buttons adds extra functionality and can be programmed for each game at the touch of a button. Don’t like the feel of the Thumbsticks, or feel them wearing out over time? Thanks to quick-swap system of the NEO S, gamers can quickly swap their Stick Tops for different designs and colors, adding an extra dimension of customization and durability.

Equipped with an internal gyroscope, the NEO S is fully motion control compatible when used with compatible Switch games, and powerful, fully adjustable vibration is also included, affording further immersions with compatible games. The NEO S includes a ‘No Deadzone’ mode which turns off the Thumbstick deadzones for more responsive gaming, and CRKD have even included Turbo Mode which instantly transforms any button on the NEO S, adding turbo functionality when gamers need it most.

Every design in the NEO S collection is fully compatible with the CRKD True Collection System App available on iOS™ and Android®, allowing owners to easily register their NEO S to their CRKD collection. Within the App’s interface, gamers can unveil essential details such as the product number and rarity rank. Furthermore, future updates will empower users to personalize their NEO S experience by adjusting settings, including button remapping and setting trigger actuation points, among other customization options.

Lee Guinchard, CEO of Embracer Freemode commented, “Our launch of the Nitro Deck was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community, and we’re excited to grow the brand further with the announcement of the NEO S. An ideal companion to the Nitro Deck, we believe the NEO S sits apart from the sea of mediocre controller designs available, presenting a highly collectible product which houses an array of advanced features. We look forward to introducing the NEO S later this spring and to the continued growth of the CRKD brand.”

The NEO S will be available in nine distinctive designs:

  • Retro Gold Edition
  • Classic Clear Edition
  • Atomic Red Edition
  • Emerald Green Edition
  • Orange Zest Edition
  • Electric Pink Edition
  • Splatter Edition by POPeART
  • Blossom Edition by POPeART
  • Junkyard Edition by POPeART

The NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller is available for pre-order today exclusively through, and is expected to begin shipping to gamers from April 2024.

For more information about CRKD and to pre-order the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller, please visit:

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CRKD NEO S Feature Trailer:

Neo S Official Feature Trailer • CRKD

CRKD NEO S Overview Video:

NEO S Official Feature Overview • CRKD

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