Critical Role limited edition hardcover comic editions available to order now

Critical role expands its universe with an online exclusive comic hardback collection this fall. The volume currently available for purchase is Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria – The Bright Queen Limited Edition, and Hitting Critical Role’s website early next month is Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Volume 3 Limited Edition. Don’t wait for these to hit shelves, there is no current plan to stock the collections in retail stores. For more information, please read below.

“Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria – The Bright Queen follows Leylas Kryn, the Bright Queen, who has spent multiple lives in pursuit of assembling the otherworldly Luxon. When another piece appears nearby, Leylas sends her eternal lover Quana to collect it . . . with consequences that may threaten the entire Dynasty!”

Both collections feature extravagant and unique visual appearance. The Bright Queen collection is encased in a unique, foil-stamped faux purple leather case, and inside is an original litho artwork by Helen Mask. The Origins Volume 3 edition coming November 2 similarly includes a holographic foil-stamped faux blue leather case, Vox Machina monogram, and exclusive Alex Monik litho artwork.

“Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Volume 3 follows Vox Machina as they enjoy a week in Westruun’s lap of luxury leading up to the Winter’s Crest Festival. But that costs coin, which has a bad habit of running out, so they join an underground fighting ring and bash their way to cash. Unfortunately, their ring-fighting turns out to be just a warm-up for a cold reality when a mysterious attack on Winter’s Crest festivities leaves the whole town magically frozen—including one of their own. Vox Machina will have to save the day again, against a much bigger foe than they first realized!”

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