Creality unveils new printers at CES 2024

Creality has been a staple in the hobby 3D printing space for a decade now. My first printer was an Ender 3 and I have owned and used several Creality printers since then. Creality is always bringing the latest innovations to their lineup of printers at an affordable price. This year they showcased their latest offerings at the 2024 CES convention including the new K1C, Ender 3v3 KE, and even a new powerful laser engraver called the Falcon 2.  We recently reviewed the K1 and were impressed with its ease of use, performance, and speed. Read on for the full press release from Creality.

Creality at CES 2024: A Tale of Unrelenting Innovation and Visionary Leadership

Creality, a global leader in the 3D printing industry, recently concluded its impactful presence at CES 2024, the world’s most influential tech event. Taking center stage during Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, Creality showcased cutting-edge innovations and reaffirmed its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Showcasing Premier Machines at the Forefront

At the heart of Creality’s showcase were its flagship machines, each embodying the pinnacle of technological prowess and user-centric design. These remarkable 3D printers not only demonstrated the brand’s commitment to speed, precision, and versatility but also showcased Creality’s continuous efforts to democratize creation and make 3D printing accessible to a global audience. Let’s delve into the highlights of the machines that stole the spotlight at CES 2024.

K1C: Taking flagship up a level

Building on the success of the K1 series, the K1C emerged as the star of the show, boasting an impressive speed of 600mm/s and a specialized all-metal extruder enabling superior filament compatibility including carbon fiber. Its out-of-the-box experience features auto-calibration and an AI camera for real-time error alerts, with a silent mode and the Creality OS further enhancing user experience.

Ender-3 V3 series: Classics reimagined

The Ender-3 V3, the latest addition to the Ender series, introduces a CoreXZ structure for swift motion components, precise Z-axis, and dual-axis parallelism, resulting in an astounding print speed of up to 600mm/s. Equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen and Creality OS, it caters to home users and 3D printing farms.


The Ender-3 V3 KE, featuring Creality OS, offers intelligent self-checks, remote printing, a maximum speed of 500mm/s, precision ball linear guides, dual-side cooling, and material flexibility, providing efficiency and quality. Optional accessories further elevate its capabilities.

CR-10 SE: The inheritor of a legend

Targeting advanced users, the CR-10 SE boasts automatic first-layer leveling with CR Touch and pressure sensors. It excels in high-speed printing, supports various filaments, and achieves a maximum print speed of 600mm/s. Ideal for creative projects, it represents Creality’s dedication to perfecting the first layer and catering to diverse printing needs.

Ecosystem gems: Creality Falcon2 (40W/22W), CR-Scan Ferret Pro

Creality Falcon2 40W, the most powerful laser engraver in Creality’s lineup, features Dynamic Spot Size Adjustment, enabling automatic spot size adjustments for engraving and cutting. With the capability to cut through 20mm wood and 0.15mm stainless steel at a speed of 25000mm/min, it also supports color engraving and air assist, ensuring precision and safety. A 22W alternative was also present that’s capable of cutting through 15mm wood and 10mm black acrylic at the same formidable speed.


The CR-Scan Ferret Pro, an advanced 3D scanner with high-speed WiFi 6 and single-frame 3D imaging, excels at scanning dark or metallic surfaces without the need for spray. Offering 3D models with 0.1mm accuracy, it caters to various scanning needs.

Insights and 2024 Outlook from Creality Itself

As CES 2024 concluded, Creality’s Overseas Sales Director, William WU, reflected on the company’s remarkable journey, emphasizing a visionary outlook that encapsulated the essence of its strategic direction. In a candid post-event interview, William revisited Creality’s vision where every individual holds a 3D printer, stating: “In 2014, the four founders of Creality met at an industry exhibition and were captivated by the overwhelming wave of 3D printing. Why did 3D printing have to be so far away from ordinary people? With the intention of changing the industry and the mission of bringing 3D printing to thousands, Creality was founded in 2014. And for that same reason, we are here at CES.”

Looking into the future, William mentioned Creality’s rebranding initiative launched at the transition from 2023 to 2024. “This refresh wasn’t merely about aesthetics,” he declared. “It symbolizes Creality’s pledge to lead the global consumer-level 3D printing ecosystem. We are steadfast in our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and unlocking new possibilities in the dynamic world of 3D printing – to truly uphold and practice our slogan of ‘imagine it, make it.’ And that is for everyone – like I said, we’re ever-committed to making 3D printing accessible to everyone. To make that happen, we’re ever-committed to making 3D printing usable, smart, affordable, versatile, and enjoyable. As we propel into 2024, our vision remains clear: the evangelist for the 3D printing industry – that knows no bounds.”

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