Crackdown 3 cracks down on Xbox One and PC this February, new trailers released

Earlier this weekend, Microsoft debuted its Xbox X018 conference, where the company showed some new developments to future titles as well as what’s on the horizon for the Xbox One and PC. In addition to some other game news, the company has finally announced that it will release Crackdown 3 on Xbox One and PC on February 15, with the game also offered on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. The news is accompanied with a couple new trailers, featuring Terry Crews as well as the new multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone.

An open-world playground – in Crackdown 3 you take-back the streets and skyscrapers of the near-future metropolis, New Providence, delivering a harsh dose of justice to the ruthless criminal corporation, TerraNova.

X018 also saw the debut of Crackdown 3’s all-new multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone, where environmental destruction is your secret weapon. In Wrecking Zone, two teams of five, hyper-agile Agents tear down the opposition with their superpowered skills and an arsenal of boom-tastic weapons and equipment in fully destructible battle arenas.

Check out the Wrecking Zone Trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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