CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack Gets Summer Price Cut and Free Shipping

If you do a lot of travelling then you know that there isn’t a backpack that’s really built for us gamers.  Sure, you can use a standard laptop backpack, and that probably has some cavernous place to drop controllers, battery packs, and other accessories, but it’s just that — a bag with a holding void.   We could do better, folks.  Arozzi is looking to solve that with their CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack.  Meant to offer not only excellent storage, but also solid protection, this could be precisely the backpack you need for your next trip.

Gaming Go-Bags
The CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack is made from the same ballistic nylon found in flak jackets. A Twice VIP Award winner, this backpack is designed to take a beating. It offers a dedicated compartment for laptops and gaming consoles up to 17.3 inches, a Microfiber lined pouch for a tablet, plus plenty of additional space to safeguard and organize tech. There’s even room for personal items for game nights or a weekend trek. Highly configurable, the backpack’s external, front webbing can be customized using removable “MOLLE” pockets for storage.

The award-winning CORE Gaming Backpack holds most models of gaming laptops up to 17.3 to 18 inches and/or gaming consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch). The backpack offers three large storage sections that are pre-wired for a power bank or external battery. Four side accessory pockets are perfect for cables, a smartphone, a gaming mouse, or even oversized water bottles. Its high-capacity storage compartment holds a variety of gaming accessories.

Outdoor adventurers might also enjoy the roomy new CORE Gaming Deluxe Duffel. Also made of ballistic nylon, it’s rugged and durable. Gamers can stow gear in its large main compartment, which includes two zippered pockets and two open slip pockets. Highlights include zippered side sections, heavy-duty feet to protect and stabilize, wrapped handles, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The duffel also makes a great bag for the gym, overnight trip, or weekend getaway.

Both the CORE Gaming Tactical Backpack and the CORE Gaming Backpack feature trolley straps for stacking on other luggage. The backpacks and the duffel all come with a hook-and-loop (Velcro) panel for showing off tournament, school, and vendor patches. All feature a prewired power bank pocket for internal charging, plus a pre-wired Quick-Charge external USB port for plugging in phones and other devices.

Power on the Go
The massive capacity of CORE Gaming’s 24000 mAh capacity power brick makes it the perfect mobile power companion for gamers. Its flat-and-wide design makes it an easy fit for carry-on bags and backpacks. With four outputs, including a built-in AC outlet, this 65W powerhouse can double a laptop’s battery life and can keep a phone at 100% for a week.

Smart Chip technology detects the charging needs of attached devices and automatically regulates flow. Cutting-edge circuitry ensures devices are protected from overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short-circuit failures. The 24,000 also comes with a 20W USB-C PD wall adapter and USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

Gearing Up for Summer Made Easy
For a limited time, use promo code SUMMER at checkout from the CORE Gaming online store to receive 20% off CORE Gaming, Mobile Edge, Alienware, and other top brands. Some exclusions apply. Customers also get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Personally I’m not planning on bringing my laptop to the great outdoors, but I’ll say there are plenty of situations where I’ve had my pack jostled, shoved, and otherwise jammed to fit into an overhead bin.  Knowing that my gear is safe, each in its own padded compartment, and separated from one another would go a long way to putting my anxiety at ease.  Similarly, having a battery pack that can push 65W means it can power my Steamdeck.  At 24000 mAh capacity, that gives me 6-8 hours of constant and hard use.

It seems like Arozzi is thinking this bag through, making sure to cater specifically to the needs of those of us who travel with our gear.

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