Conquer space with Cosmos Invictus tomorrow

London-based developer Pegnio announced that its space-themed card battler Cosmos Invictus will be available tomorrow on PC. The game will utilize strategy and customization in the form of spaceships and pilots, as will allow PvP and single-player modes.

As the captain of your very own spaceship, your goal is to help your faction win the war by attacking your opponent until their ship’s hit points reach zero. First, choose between two factions: the Gaia Unity, an Earth-wide alliance – or the High Frontier Alliance. Each faction boasts its own set of core ideals and unique cards – a combination of onboard weapons, mechs (the game’s battle units), and events/pilot cards that attach to already launched mechs and act as modifiers. Next, carefully select the best formation to plan your attacks. Determining when and where to strike (while providing yourself with adequate defense) is crucial if you intend to live another day :)

The game features tactical elements not found in traditional TCGs or other online CCGs. UK developer Pegnio calls it a “strategic CCG” because players must carefully position their mechs in formation to counter the enemy. Cosmos Invictus offers customizable spaceships, unique pilots, and random events that can drastically alter the course of each battle.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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